Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cow Camp Blogging Group Two

Blogging Workshop Group Two

"Cow Camp"  by Bailey {12 years old}
Hey its Bailey! I'm 12 years old and I've been coming to Cow Camp for at least three years now. I'm having so much fun at Cow Camp. We just had milk and cookies.mmm! Can't wait to go show animals (cows) outside.

"Food!"  by Ellorine {14 years old}
Chicken, salad, corn, ice cream, fruit, french toast - my favorite part of cow camp is the food!

"Fairs and Friends" by Elisabeth Showing at the CA State Fair is my favorite time of the year. Getting to participate in showmanship, class, champion challenge, going to the waterpark, and hanging out with friends all day are my favorite things to do. I love my friends at the fair because they share the same love for showing. All the work you do everyday with your cows is so worth the one week at State Fair.

"Someone I Look Up To" by Logan {13 years old}
I have been on a farm for 13 years and the one who I have looked up to is my dad.  He has showed me how to milk my cow, drive a tractor, feed and breed cows and that is why I look up to my dad.

"Milk" by Steven {14 years old}
Milk helps you in sports and academics.

"Cows" by Mike
Cows are great PETA is ok.

"Milk" by Kirsten A. {adult}
Drink milk before a test - it is the perfect brain food.  Research shows you if you drink milk, you think better.  Try it!

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