Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cow Camp 2011 was so much fun! i met i lot of nice and fun people.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cow Camp Blogging Group Four

Blogging Workshop Group Four

"Experience Around Cows" by Brian {17 years old}
My experience around cows has been great.  I have learned many new experiences working around cows.  Many things that I have learned has helped me in the future.  It has taught me to be a very responsible person.  I have also learned to work by myself and not count on having someone always there.

"My First Year Showing" by Kyle {16 years old}
My first year showing with Hilmar FFA was a great experience.  I showed one animal, a replacement heifer and I showed her at all 3 fairs, but the last fair I had with her, I had to sell her.  Selling my first animal made me realize how much I love working with dairy and now I am showing two animals, one replacement heifer and one registered, at all the fairs.

"The Cow Goes Moo!"  by Tony {15 years old}
My first experience with a dairy cow was unfortunately not a good one.  When I was 2 years old, I used to walk around the dairy with my family.  Every time a cow would moo, I would throw a tantrum and yell "Shut Up! Shut Up! Stop Mooing!"  I am extremely involved in the family dairy farm and hope someday I will carry on the great family tradition and lifestyle of owning a dairy farm.

"Inspiration" by Caitlin {15 years old}
Kirsten Areias has helped me out throughout my whole dairy experience.  Without her, I would not have been able to win two national dairy titles, several fair wards and multiple state dairy bowl titles.  She has been my inspiration and is the reason why I am where I am with my dairy cattle today.

"Thank You Dairy!"  by Katie {16 years old}
Without the dairy industry I would have never met my best friend, Caitlin.  About 5 years ago we frequently saw each other at local Jr. Holstein Association activities.  A strong friendship grew quickly as we became closer.  Now we travel around to various fairs, cow camps, and state and national conventions, meeting new people from all around the country.  So thank you to the dairy industry for helping me find my best friend.

"Cow Camp" by Randy E. {16 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp is when I sang Oh Malhao Oh Malhao yesterday and whistled..........good times.

"Cow Camp" by Anton {16 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp was when my friends and I sang Portuguese folklore and whistled Silent Night.  I feel that it was a very good treat for the younger kids and we even received a standing ovation.

"My First Experience With Life"  by Jessie {16 years old}
My family, and family friends were at the Moretti Family Dairy after the annual REHA Judging Day.  The Moretti's have been family friends since my parents were in high school.  All afternoon I had been running back and forth to the calving barn.  A Jersey cow was heavily pregnant and ready to have her baby.  The last time I went up to the barn, it was obvious she was ready.  I ran back down to the house to get Mike Moretti, the owner of 2M Dairy.  The cow was having a difficult time, getting up and down repeatedly.  She had to have the calf pulled.  Once the chains were on, the calf slid out.  A little bull was born.  I had never experienced life being born right in front of me.  It's amazing to be able to witness the beginning of a life.  These are the moments that make me so passionate about agriculture and the dairy industry.

"Showing"  by Shelby {17 years old}
Fair time is fun time, right?  This year was my first year showing.  I showed my Jersey and my Holstein heifers.  I spent a lot of time getting them ready for the fair, practicing showmanship, clipping, etc.  Overall it was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next show.

Cow Camp Blogging Group Three

Blogging Workshop Group Three

"Milking" by Derrick {10 years old}
The first time I milked a cow, I was about 7 years old at my friend's dairy.  I got to milk it a little by hand.

"My Heifers Cali and Maddie" by Jack {11 years old}
My heifers Cali, my replacement heifer and my big baby, Maddie my good heifer.  I will always try to go to all the fairs but 4H camp and cow camp interfered.  I got ninth with Maddie and in class, I got 2nd.  I made it to  champion and didn't do good.  Cali got 5th in showmanship and in class I got 3rd.

"My Calf" by Maria {11 years old}
My calf's name is Princess.  She is a Gernsey.  She is 6 months old.

"My Experience" by Annie {10 years old}
The first thing I do to get ready for a show is to get in my whites then I get ready for the show.  My favorite part of cow camp so far is the games.  My cow's are 3, 2, 6 months and 1/2 month old.  Their name's are Poppie, Petunia, Penelope, Penny and Andrea.  That is my experience with my cows.

"Heifers" by Megan {12 years old}
I have two heifers, Penelopie {almost 6 months} and Phoebe {2 yrs, 5 months}.  I love both of my baby girls and hop to do well with them.

"Juliet and Nanette" by Courtney {12 years old}
Juliet and Nanette are my two Holstein heifers.  Juliet is a replacement heifer and will be selling next year at the Petaluma Fair.  Nanette is a Grade heifer and was born in October.

"Cow Camp" by Clay {11 years old}
My favorite part about cow camp so far is getting my head painted pink.  Rocco painted it.  There's also a black CO.

"Cow Camp" by Clair {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp so far is sleeping under the stars with my friends.  It is so fun to look at the stars while going to sleep, by my friends.  Cow camp is so much fun.

"Cow Camp" by Celeste {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp is being with my friends and learning new things.  This is my first year and I'm having so much fun!  I love where we sleep and the food, I love everything!  I am so coming back next year.

"Cow Camp" by Grace {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp so far is being with friends and going to different classes and more about agriculture.

Cow Camp Blogging Group One

Blogging Workshop Group One

"My Cow" by Selina {10 years old}
My cow's name is Kit-Cat.  It is a red and white Holstein.  She is pregnant and will be having a calf soon.  This will be her second calf.

"Getting Ready" by Jackie {10 years old}
How I get ready for the fair is first, wash my cow then clip them and make sure they are super clean.  Then I fluff their tail and do their top line.  Then it's show time.

"My Cow" by Logan {8 years old}
First I wash my cow.  Then I put on the show halter.  Then I take my cow Dixi to the ring and I got 3rd place!

"How I get Paris Ready" by Sarah {10 years old}
How I get my heifer ready is, I wash Paris, feed her and give her water, then it's time to show!

"How to get Show Ready" by Lucas {9 years old}
To get your cow ready for the fair, you need to make sure you halter break your animal.  You need to build trust with any animal by feeding water to your cow.  Then a few days before the fair, you should clip your cows.  I have two heifers named, Lola and Sadie.

"Getting My Animal Ready For The Fair" by Marissa {8 years old}
Getting my animal ready for the fair usually takes about 1 month because we have to wash her like 5 times, clip her, which is like a full body haircut, get her walking really well and that's about it.  My cow's name is Jemoca and she's a red and white Holstein.

"How to get 1st place in Showmanship" by Luke {9 years old}
First wash your cow until she is shiney.  Then you clip your cow.  Then you take your cow to the fair.  When it's time to show, you walk nice and slow and when you stop, you set your cow up.  At the end when you stop, the judge will give you a ribbon.

"Posey" by Clayton {8 years old}
My heifer, Posey is 9 months.  I wash her so she is clean in the show ring.  This is my first year showing.  I got third place.  My heifer got fourth.

"Who Helped Me Get My Calf" by Ross { 8 years old }
My dad is helping me with my calf.  It lives at the farm.  It was a calf when I first got it and now it is a grownup.

"The Fair" by Andy {8 years old}
The way to get ready to show is, wash your heifer, wear white and you're good to go.  My heifer, Indy, got third and I got fifth place.  Me and Indy had fun.  The person I would like to thank is Uncle Howard W.

"My First Night At Cow Camp" by Lucas {9 years old}
My first night sleeping at cow camp was fun because we ate Air Heads and stayed up late.  I watched the stars and heard noise.  I had a good first night at cow camp.

Cow Camp Blogging Group Two

Blogging Workshop Group Two

"Cow Camp"  by Bailey {12 years old}
Hey its Bailey! I'm 12 years old and I've been coming to Cow Camp for at least three years now. I'm having so much fun at Cow Camp. We just had milk and cookies.mmm! Can't wait to go show animals (cows) outside.

"Food!"  by Ellorine {14 years old}
Chicken, salad, corn, ice cream, fruit, french toast - my favorite part of cow camp is the food!

"Fairs and Friends" by Elisabeth Showing at the CA State Fair is my favorite time of the year. Getting to participate in showmanship, class, champion challenge, going to the waterpark, and hanging out with friends all day are my favorite things to do. I love my friends at the fair because they share the same love for showing. All the work you do everyday with your cows is so worth the one week at State Fair.

"Someone I Look Up To" by Logan {13 years old}
I have been on a farm for 13 years and the one who I have looked up to is my dad.  He has showed me how to milk my cow, drive a tractor, feed and breed cows and that is why I look up to my dad.

"Milk" by Steven {14 years old}
Milk helps you in sports and academics.

"Cows" by Mike
Cows are great PETA is ok.

"Milk" by Kirsten A. {adult}
Drink milk before a test - it is the perfect brain food.  Research shows you if you drink milk, you think better.  Try it!

fun at the fair

Sonoma-Marin fair 2011 was really fun for both of us. we enjoyed our time showing our animals.

Courtney(age 11)
Grace(age 11)