Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cow Camp Blogging Group One

Blogging Workshop Group One

"My Cow" by Selina {10 years old}
My cow's name is Kit-Cat.  It is a red and white Holstein.  She is pregnant and will be having a calf soon.  This will be her second calf.

"Getting Ready" by Jackie {10 years old}
How I get ready for the fair is first, wash my cow then clip them and make sure they are super clean.  Then I fluff their tail and do their top line.  Then it's show time.

"My Cow" by Logan {8 years old}
First I wash my cow.  Then I put on the show halter.  Then I take my cow Dixi to the ring and I got 3rd place!

"How I get Paris Ready" by Sarah {10 years old}
How I get my heifer ready is, I wash Paris, feed her and give her water, then it's time to show!

"How to get Show Ready" by Lucas {9 years old}
To get your cow ready for the fair, you need to make sure you halter break your animal.  You need to build trust with any animal by feeding water to your cow.  Then a few days before the fair, you should clip your cows.  I have two heifers named, Lola and Sadie.

"Getting My Animal Ready For The Fair" by Marissa {8 years old}
Getting my animal ready for the fair usually takes about 1 month because we have to wash her like 5 times, clip her, which is like a full body haircut, get her walking really well and that's about it.  My cow's name is Jemoca and she's a red and white Holstein.

"How to get 1st place in Showmanship" by Luke {9 years old}
First wash your cow until she is shiney.  Then you clip your cow.  Then you take your cow to the fair.  When it's time to show, you walk nice and slow and when you stop, you set your cow up.  At the end when you stop, the judge will give you a ribbon.

"Posey" by Clayton {8 years old}
My heifer, Posey is 9 months.  I wash her so she is clean in the show ring.  This is my first year showing.  I got third place.  My heifer got fourth.

"Who Helped Me Get My Calf" by Ross { 8 years old }
My dad is helping me with my calf.  It lives at the farm.  It was a calf when I first got it and now it is a grownup.

"The Fair" by Andy {8 years old}
The way to get ready to show is, wash your heifer, wear white and you're good to go.  My heifer, Indy, got third and I got fifth place.  Me and Indy had fun.  The person I would like to thank is Uncle Howard W.

"My First Night At Cow Camp" by Lucas {9 years old}
My first night sleeping at cow camp was fun because we ate Air Heads and stayed up late.  I watched the stars and heard noise.  I had a good first night at cow camp.

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