Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cow Camp Blogging Group Three

Blogging Workshop Group Three

"Milking" by Derrick {10 years old}
The first time I milked a cow, I was about 7 years old at my friend's dairy.  I got to milk it a little by hand.

"My Heifers Cali and Maddie" by Jack {11 years old}
My heifers Cali, my replacement heifer and my big baby, Maddie my good heifer.  I will always try to go to all the fairs but 4H camp and cow camp interfered.  I got ninth with Maddie and in class, I got 2nd.  I made it to  champion and didn't do good.  Cali got 5th in showmanship and in class I got 3rd.

"My Calf" by Maria {11 years old}
My calf's name is Princess.  She is a Gernsey.  She is 6 months old.

"My Experience" by Annie {10 years old}
The first thing I do to get ready for a show is to get in my whites then I get ready for the show.  My favorite part of cow camp so far is the games.  My cow's are 3, 2, 6 months and 1/2 month old.  Their name's are Poppie, Petunia, Penelope, Penny and Andrea.  That is my experience with my cows.

"Heifers" by Megan {12 years old}
I have two heifers, Penelopie {almost 6 months} and Phoebe {2 yrs, 5 months}.  I love both of my baby girls and hop to do well with them.

"Juliet and Nanette" by Courtney {12 years old}
Juliet and Nanette are my two Holstein heifers.  Juliet is a replacement heifer and will be selling next year at the Petaluma Fair.  Nanette is a Grade heifer and was born in October.

"Cow Camp" by Clay {11 years old}
My favorite part about cow camp so far is getting my head painted pink.  Rocco painted it.  There's also a black CO.

"Cow Camp" by Clair {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp so far is sleeping under the stars with my friends.  It is so fun to look at the stars while going to sleep, by my friends.  Cow camp is so much fun.

"Cow Camp" by Celeste {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp is being with my friends and learning new things.  This is my first year and I'm having so much fun!  I love where we sleep and the food, I love everything!  I am so coming back next year.

"Cow Camp" by Grace {11 years old}
My favorite part of cow camp so far is being with friends and going to different classes and more about agriculture.

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